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Skateboarding Safety

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Skateboarding is an urban “game” which is practicing by more and more young people. For most of them skateboarding is not just a sport but its own culture, his way of life. It is known that all physical activities are effective when stress comes. Skateboarding is proven especially powerful “stress-eliminator”. The leading experts in this field say that the current… Read more »

Skate Shoes for a Skateboarding Edge

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skateboarding shoes

Skate boarding and the entire skater culture seems to become more and more popular every year. Twelve-year old girls who’ve never even stood on a skate board suddenly beg their parents for skater shoes. Shoe store employees are then faced with befuddled parents who aren’t quite sure of the differences between a skater shoe and a regular pair of tennis… Read more »

ABEC ratings: Is higher really better? Pt. 1

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In the worlds of inline and board skating, you will find many areas of much debate.However, one of the most contested areas you will encounter is that of skate bearings. German? Swiss? Ceramic? Stainless Steel? ABEC rating? So many choices, and so many opinions on what is better and what is not. When I was in grade school and into… Read more »

Top Surf Spots in the World

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Everyone has their own unique preferences when it comes to surfing, because different surf spots offer unique waves, unique terrain and completely unique experiences. Still, there is a general consensus when it comes to some of the top surf spots in the world, and here is a small handful of the surf spots that are well worth checking out in… Read more »

Common Braking Mistakes

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Common Braking Mistakes

There are a number of common mistakes that occur in braking when it comes to skating. Here is a look at some of those common braking mistakes that beginners make, and even more importantly, what it is that you can do in order to eliminate them simply by improving your form and your ability on your skates. Practicing these techniques… Read more »

Snacks for Surfers

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Snacks for Surfers

Have you ever wondered what kinds of foods would be best before or after you go surfing?Keep in mind that you are going to need something that is jam packed full of good energy. Something that is healthy and recommended by a sporting science institute is generally a good way to go, right? There is actually a different way to… Read more »

Why Surfing?

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Why Surfing?

If you ask anybody why they decide to surf, they are going to give you their own very unique answer in response. It might be because they find it to be fun, or cool, or a nice distraction from the hectic tolls of every day life. Some people surf because it is their entire life and some people surf because… Read more »

Wakeboarding Terms and Tips pt 2

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… Continued from part 1. If you want to understand the wakeboarding sport better, then there are a few different wakeboard glossary terms that you are going to need to be aware of. Here are some of the more important terms that you are going to want to know when it comes to effectively wakeboarding. Lip – The top of… Read more »

ABEC ratings: Is higher really better? Pt. 2

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Now do you see what I mean by these tolerances being mangled by the first few minutes of riding down the sidewalk? The pressure of you riding, along with the shocks of bumps and the cracks in the sidewalk will quickly add a lot more eccentricity to this groove, but nothing that you can truly notice at all. These tolerances… Read more »

Best Products for Wakeboarding

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Wakeboarding is a sport that can actually be thought of as a combination of a number of sports: surfing along with water skiing, with a bit of snow boarding thrown in. Wakeboarding is a sport that is performed on the water surface, specifically the wake that is behind a speed boat as it is powering through. Of all of the… Read more »