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Skateboarding Safety

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Skateboarding is an urban “game” which is practicing by more and more young people. For most of them skateboarding is not just a sport but its own culture, his way of life. It is known that all physical activities are effective when stress comes. Skateboarding is proven especially powerful “stress-eliminator”. The leading experts in this field say that the current… Read more »

Skate Shoes for a Skateboarding Edge

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skateboarding shoes

Skate boarding and the entire skater culture seems to become more and more popular every year. Twelve-year old girls who’ve never even stood on a skate board suddenly beg their parents for skater shoes. Shoe store employees are then faced with befuddled parents who aren’t quite sure of the differences between a skater shoe and a regular pair of tennis… Read more »

Skateboarding Lexicon

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180 – This is a term that refers to a half rotation. 360 – This is a term that refers to a single full rotation. 540 – This is a term that describes a 540-degree rotation while in the air. This is equal to one and a half full rotations. 720 – This is a term that typically refers to… Read more »

Skateboarding Lexicon Continued

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Concave – This is a term that describes the contouring of a skate deck. It involves the raising of the edges on each side of the board, making it somewhat bowl shaped. This helps provide more traction and control to the rider for staying on and performing tricks. Continuous Edge – This is a term that is used to describe… Read more »

Early History of Skateboarding

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Skateboarding goes back a lot farther than people might think. The roots of the sport can be traced back to roughly some point in the late 1940′s to the early 1950′s. It started as a past time for surfers when there were no good waves to ride. The early boards were home made creations made from boards or parts of… Read more »