Common Braking Mistakes

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Common Braking MistakesThere are a number of common mistakes that occur in braking when it comes to skating. Here is a look at some of those common braking mistakes that beginners make, and even more importantly, what it is that you can do in order to eliminate them simply by improving your form and your ability on your skates. Practicing these techniques will help you brake properly so that you learn how to stop without having to throw yourself to the ground in the process.

Mistake –
One of the problems that are associated with braking mistakes is when you do not bend your knees enough.

Solution – The solution here is to do whatever you possibly can in order to avoid allowing your knees to lock. Instead, what you should be doing is loosening up so that you can keep your knees just slightly bent.

If you do not bend your knees enough, then you are going to be unstable, and as a result your brake is not going to work as efficiently as it should. Bending your knees is going to accomplish two things. First of all, it is going to lower your center of gravity, which is going to make you feel more stable and therefore less prone to falling down. Secondly, it is going to allow you to slide the braking skate in front of the other skate to improve your braking ability.

Mistake – Another one of the problems that are associated with braking mistakes is when you lean too far forward when you are braking.

Solution – When you lean too far forward, what this does is poses an issue that is quite similar in nature to when you do not properly bend your knees during braking. What it is going to do is make your brake inefficient if not completely useless. Rather than leaning in a forward direction, you should be keeping your brake straight and you should be positioning your rear end so that it is closer down to the ground.

Your weight should absolutely be positioned in a way that has it just behind the heel brake. You can achieve this position by bending your knees, but just make sure that you are not also lending forward at the same time. Bending your knees is going to create a tendency for you to lean forward, but avoid this at all costs if you want to be able to brake properly. If you lean forward, what you are going to end up doing is throwing yourself off balance, rendering your brake inefficient and possibly throwing yourself to the ground rather than stopping properly. Remember that you are skating, not trying to be superman.