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Best Products for Wakeboarding

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Wakeboarding is a sport that can actually be thought of as a combination of a number of sports: surfing along with water skiing, with a bit of snow boarding thrown in. Wakeboarding is a sport that is performed on the water surface, specifically the wake that is behind a speed boat as it is powering through. Of all of the… Read more »

Wakeboarding: Picking Your Board

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Wakeboarding: Picking Your Board

Wakeboarding is an intriguing surface water sport that was originally known as skurfing because it combines snow boarding, surfing and water skiing principles together. Wakeboarding specifically involves riding the wake of a speedboat while riding on a single board, the wakeboard. There are five different kinds of the products that you need in order to successfully wakeboard, and these products… Read more »

Basics of Windsurfing pt 2

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There are fins present on the windsurfing board that can be replaced if anything ends up happening to them. Some people believe that these boards need to be placed right off the bat but this is neither always true nor necessary. Generally if you are buying a brand new beginner board, then the fins present on the board are also… Read more »