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ABEC ratings: Is higher really better? Pt. 1

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In the worlds of inline and board skating, you will find many areas of much debate.However, one of the most contested areas you will encounter is that of skate bearings. German? Swiss? Ceramic? Stainless Steel? ABEC rating? So many choices, and so many opinions on what is better and what is not. When I was in grade school and into… Read more »

Choosing the Right Board for Wakeboarding

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Wakeboarding is a sport that is booming all around the world. Many people are describing this unique sport is the new age of surfing. Anyone all around the world can take advantage of wakeboarding, providing that there is a body of water nearby that can be considered suitable. In order to get started on your own personal wake boarding excursion,… Read more »

Rollerblading Safety

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Rollerblading Safety

Rollerblading is a truly wonderful sport and it provides for great exercise, keeping you in shape. People from all over the world and all kinds of walks of life can enjoy rollerblading simply because its very nature is fun and easy. Coupled with the enjoyment of the sport of rollerblading, however, you also have some important safety measures that need… Read more »

Basics of Windsurfing pt 2

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There are fins present on the windsurfing board that can be replaced if anything ends up happening to them. Some people believe that these boards need to be placed right off the bat but this is neither always true nor necessary. Generally if you are buying a brand new beginner board, then the fins present on the board are also… Read more »