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Surf, Skate, Wakeboard: Gear and Accessories

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The thrill and action of surf boarding, skate boarding and wake boarding takes skill, practice, and receiving a few bumps and bruises. It also requires good equipment, since no amount of skill can make up for a board past its prime. Choosing the right board is a matter of preference, but there are a couple of things to look for… Read more »

Wakeboarding: Picking Your Board

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Wakeboarding: Picking Your Board

Wakeboarding is an intriguing surface water sport that was originally known as skurfing because it combines snow boarding, surfing and water skiing principles together. Wakeboarding specifically involves riding the wake of a speedboat while riding on a single board, the wakeboard. There are five different kinds of the products that you need in order to successfully wakeboard, and these products… Read more »