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Skateboarding Safety

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Skateboarding is an urban “game” which is practicing by more and more young people. For most of them skateboarding is not just a sport but its own culture, his way of life. It is known that all physical activities are effective when stress comes. Skateboarding is proven especially powerful “stress-eliminator”. The leading experts in this field say that the current… Read more »

Skateboarding Lexicon

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180 – This is a term that refers to a half rotation. 360 – This is a term that refers to a single full rotation. 540 – This is a term that describes a 540-degree rotation while in the air. This is equal to one and a half full rotations. 720 – This is a term that typically refers to… Read more »

High Tech Deck Skate Park Choices

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There is a great deal of interest in high tech deck skate park materials today as more and more people are becoming interested in the sport once again. As you watch the interest in skateboarding becoming more popular every year, there is more reason than ever for the innovations in skate park material to become high tech. Recently there has… Read more »

Top Alternative Skateboard Options

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Here are some of the top new and original alternative skateboards out there, most of which are so different in what they offer that they are only considered skateboards in name, rather than in form. Skateboarding has taken on many different forms through the year, as shown by these examples of modern alternative skateboards that are popular on the market… Read more »