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Skateboarding Lexicon

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180 – This is a term that refers to a half rotation. 360 – This is a term that refers to a single full rotation. 540 – This is a term that describes a 540-degree rotation while in the air. This is equal to one and a half full rotations. 720 – This is a term that typically refers to… Read more »

Braking in Skating

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Braking in Skating

Learning how to stop when you are riding inline skates really is not rocket science, and yet there are many novice skaters that actually struggle when it comes to braking simply because they have an intense fear that they are going to fall. This fear often comes from having to take whatever skate you are braking with, tilting it, which… Read more »

High Tech Deck Skate Park Choices

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There is a great deal of interest in high tech deck skate park materials today as more and more people are becoming interested in the sport once again. As you watch the interest in skateboarding becoming more popular every year, there is more reason than ever for the innovations in skate park material to become high tech. Recently there has… Read more »

Learning to Skate Faster

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ice skating

One question that hockey players and performance skaters often find themselves asking is how they can possibly learn how to skate faster or otherwise improve their performance on the ice. Regardless of how good a particular hockey player is, they are constantly going to try to improve their capabilities on the ice so that they can improve their game. The… Read more »