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Gear Basics for Surfing

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Surfing is a sport that does not require the use of a lot of gear, but the gear that you do need is essential. What this means is that it is important that you choose the right gear when it comes to the sport of surfing. There are a number of factors that go into determining that the best surfing… Read more »

Surf Skate Wake Board – What’s Your Passion?

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What’s Your Passion

For many people, there is nothing that they find to be more exhilarating or exciting then boarding of all types. This can mean surfing, skate boarding, wake boarding and more. For many people it may e the danger that they feel or even the endorphins that they feel coursing through their skin but no matter what the reason it can… Read more »

Review of the Indo Fish and the Bing Single Wing Quad

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The Indo Fish The Indo Fish by Tim Stamps came about when the designer of the board was wondering how a fish board could work in the waves surrounding a boating trip in Indonesia, or any good waves anywhere else on the planet for that matter. The decision was to keep the fish lines, just changing up the details a… Read more »

Choosing the Right Surfboard

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Choosing the Right Surfboard

Surfing might be a challenge to learn, but choosing the right surfboard can feel overwhelming. Everyone seems to have a custom board these days.  Even small kids on the beach have boards painted with sea life shapes.  Teens have wildly colored boards, each appealing to their personalities, and adults will often have unique boards that they’ve used for years.  There’s… Read more »